Can I cook on top of my wood burning stove?

1. Wood heat stoves heat a room or house by burning wood. You can also use them to cook food, even if they weren’t specifically designed for it. Any wood heat stove with a large enough flat surface on top to hold a pot can be used for cooking.

Is cooking on a wood fire bad for you?

The typical cooking fire produces about 400 cigarettes’ worth of smoke an hour, and prolonged exposure is associated with respiratory infections, eye damage, heart and lung disease, and lung cancer. … Wood-burning household fires and inefficient stoves cause broader suffering, too.

Why put a kettle on a wood stove?

A key advantage to the heat from wood burning stoves is that it is very dry heat. A simple solution to the dry air in your house is to keep a kettle full of water on your stove. The water will boil out and the moisture will help the air in your house from becoming too dry.

Can you cook pizza on a wood burning stove?

Obviously a wood fired oven where the pizza is flicked by the flames and wood smoke would be the ideal but the next best thing is a pizza made and baked using your tiny wood stove. … Pizza dough is easy to make but is also conveniently available as a dry mix or ready to roll! First you will need to make some pizza dough.

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Can I put a kettle on my wood burner?

Kettles, which are made of the cast-iron, can be used on the wood-burning stoves.

How hot does a wood cook stove Get?

The majority of modern wood-burning stoves give a heat ranging from 375 degrees to 650 degrees Fahrenheit. There are thermometers designed to find out the stove temperature. The optimal temperature of a wood-burning stove will produce no unwanted residue such as carbon dioxide, creosote, or smoke.

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