Your question: Can I substitute whiskey for bourbon in baking?

Substitute 2 tablespoons of rum, brandy, or cognac. For cooking, you could use 2 tablespoons of another type of whiskey such as Maker’s Mark or a Scotch.

What can I substitute for bourbon in baking?

Bourbon – 1 1/2 to 2 teaspoons of non-alcoholic vanilla extract. Brandy – Water, white grape juice, apple cider or apple juice, diluted peach or apricot syrups. Substitute equal amounts of liquid. Champagne – Ginger ale, sparkling apple cider, sparkling cranberry juice, or sparkling white grape juice.

Can I use whiskey instead of bourbon in pie?

When preparing this pie, one tablespoon of other types of alcohol won’t really change the look, texture or flavor of the pie. You can use 2 tablespoons of rum, brandy, or cognac. Also, another option is to use another type of bourbon like Maker’s Mark or Scotch. 2 tablespoons is enough.

Can I substitute Jack Daniels for bourbon in a recipe?

Jack Daniels is delicious stuff, though technically not a Bourbon and makes a fine substitute for Bourbon-based cooking. It’s simply geography, JD is made in Tennessee, not Bourbon County Kentucky.

What can you substitute for bourbon in pecan pie?

What can I substitute for bourbon in a pecan pie? You can increase the amount of vanilla extract and add some pure almond extract to complement it. If what you want is another type of alcohol, you can use brandy or cognac.

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Is Jack Daniels a bourbon?

IS JACK DANIEL’S A BOURBON? Jack Daniel’s is not a bourbon – it’s a Tennessee Whiskey. Jack Daniel’s is dripped slowly – drop-by-drop – through ten feet of firmly packed charcoal (made from hard sugar maple) before going into new charred oak barrels for maturing.

What is the best bourbon to cook with?

And for your information, the best bourbon for cooking is certainly Jim Beam Bourbon. Bourbon is a real treat in savory as well as sweet foods, thanks to its caramel and vanilla flavors. The smoky undertones of bourbon are an excellent addition to sauces and meats.

Can you substitute Southern Comfort for bourbon?

Knob Creek – A Bourbon Alternative for Southern Comfort

The extensive oak barrel aging process grants both bourbons a deep, soft, mellow flavor with a lingering sweetness.

Can you substitute rye for bourbon in a recipe?

Yes, you can substitute rye for bourbon and vice versa. Rye is dryer and much less sweet than bourbon, so you may want to add some brown sugar. When it comes to replacing rye, use bourbon but add a bit of water.

Is there non alcoholic bourbon?

When three Kentucky-born friends saw a gap in the bourbon industry, they filled it—with the first-ever non-alcoholic bourbon, Kentucky 74. In Kentucky, bourbon is the drink of choice. … So when three entrepreneurs from Kentucky decided to create Kentucky 74, a non-alcoholic bourbon, there was a bit of pushback.

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